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Cajor SA - Trade in Tags and Labels

Stickers self adhesive


Specializing in the manufacture and sale of stickers and self adhesive labels, customized or techniques: Laser DIN A4, in Roll, Zig-Zag, Date or still on paper.

Special labels for the chemical industry, Agri-Food, Logistics, Transport, Optics, Jewelry, and textiles, with and without adhesive stickers. Labeling of Security Coding in bar code, warning of danger or dangerous goods (Hazard class shipping labels).

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Devoted to the manufacture of labels stickers to help raise the profile of your company. Labels on all materials, paper mate and gloss, polyester, PVC, labels on vinyl, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper labels and stickers custom.

 VIP Printing (Variable Printing Impression) and production of documents with variable information. Thermal printers. thermal transfer ribbons, paper rolls, manual labelers, dispensers.

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